Abbot Point Acceleration Initiative

Department of Energy and Public Works (DEPW)

Yellow was commissioned by the Departments of Energy and Public Works and State Development to undertake a Governance and Integrated Program review of the arrangements in place for the delivery of a coordinated whole-of-government strategy to develop a North Queensland green hydrogen industry.

Key Achievements
Delivered a set of findings and 20 recommendations on restructuring governance arrangements to clarify roles and responsibilities. Developed an Integrated Reporting Pathway to support robust governance of the various programs of work to ensure North Queensland, and specifically the Abbot Point State Development Area (SDA), leverages its maximum potential for the development of a hydrogen industry.
Abbot Point Acceleration Initiative

Projects for purpose

The development of a Queensland hydrogen industry has the potential to deliver significant economic, employment, energy security and environmental benefits for Queensland and Australia.
Project Management Services
Integration, Scope, Scheduling, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communications, Risk, Stakeholder engagement, Monitoring, Reporting
Specialist Services
Initiating, Planning, Executing, Closing, Monitoring
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State | SOA T3 - Governance and Assurance

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