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Delivered a set of findings and 20 recommendations on restructuring governance arrangements to clarify roles and responsibilities. Developed an Integrated Reporting Pathway to support robust governance of the various programs of work to ensure North Queensland, and specifically the Abbot Point State Development Area (SDA), leverages its maximum potential for the development of a hydrogen industry.
Supported the establishment of the Resilient Homes Fund in Queensland and led the development of the industry and community education program. Further, we were co-recipients of the 2023 Resilient Australia Government Award for our contribution to improving communities' resilience to disaster through our governance, communications, engagement and program planning work with the DEPW.
Supported Queensland's transition from the NDRRA to the DRFA, assisting with organisational, system and process change. Provided program management capacity and capability to successfully deliver a $2B DRFA program.
Established a national quarterly review framework.
Supporting nine Queensland regions to become more resilient to the impacts of drought.
Supporting rural and remote communities across North West Queensland to become more resilient to the impacts of drought.
Supporting urban and island communities across South East Queensland to become more resilient to the impacts of drought.
Coordinated community workshops across the region to ensure broad input and ownership of a new recovery plan.
Supported departmental staff to gain a better understanding of Pastoral Care Services arrangements in Queensland. Exceeded client expectations with delivery of a Change Management Plan for consideration.
Trained staff are now actively delivering impactful internal projects.
Successful completion of over 300 project activities, coordinated with 450 staff across 30 office locations to transform a proud 30 year old organisation into Are-able.
Developing a case for a community facility to showcase the history, educational outcomes and industry linkages of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in the Chinchilla region.
Delivered 189 findings and 125 recommendations for the consideration and action by 6 Queensland Government departments and 1 non-government organisation.
Delivered 73 findings and 37 recommendations for the consideration and action by 2 Queensland Government departments and 1 non-government organisation.
Received three high-level awards from the Australian Institute of Project Management: National winner (Government projects), Queensland Project of the Year, State winner (Government projects).
Delivered effective change management to implement a new information security management system (over 600 enhancements) across 36 sites, involving more than 400 staff members within a three-month period.
Delivered comprehensive Project Management Plans (PMP) for the key work packages. Supported the implementation of a Quarterly Review Framework. Enhanced project governance through implementation of a reporting framework. Successfully coordinated a clean-up and migration to a supported version of Oracle Primavera P6.
Personal letter of thanks from the Queensland Health Minister on efforts to support the launch of a new data page on the COVID-19 website.
Reported Whole of Government situational awareness during multiple bushfire and flooding disaster events on a single page dashboard for the Queensland Premier, Ministers and Director’s General.
13 plans published by the Queensland Government (Unite & Recover) following an extended statewide lockdown.
Report published detailing the State's action plan to deliver a recovery program over two years in response to the $5.6 billion social and economic cost, resulting from the disaster.
Supported State and Local Government to deliver the recovery and reconstruction program within the allowable time limit for less than initial cost estimates.
Supported State and Local Government to deliver the recovery and reconstruction program within the allowable time limit for less than initial cost estimates.
Supported State and Local Government to deliver the recovery and reconstruction program within the allowable time limit for less than initial cost estimates.
Australia’s largest reconstruction program completed within the allowable time limit for 18% less than initial cost estimates.
Engaged with statutory authorities to obtain approvals required to deliver the extension of the visitor information centre building in the State-owned marina precinct.
Removed 69 large wheelie bins of unnecessary office clutter off-site, creating an enhanced office space and avoiding costly refurbishment works.
I cannot recommend The Yellow Company highly enough. Their exceptional stakeholder management and ability to assimilate and understand our complex organisation and people within it was vital to the successful rollout of our Right Fit for Risk (RFFR) project. The Yellow Company took the time to understand our project on all levels, and their expertise in content, change management, and internal communications were invaluable. As a diverse and complex NFP organisation, we felt that Yellow truly understood our needs and has similar social values to us, which made all the difference in the project’s success. Due to their outstanding work on the RFFR project, we have engaged the Yellow Company as our trusted project management advisor for our 2023 re-brand. This is a critical project for the success of WDEA Works’ future, and we have no doubt that Yellow will help us get it right. Thank you, Yellow Company, for your exceptional work and expertise!
Tom Scarborough
Are-able, Chief Executive Officer
I would like to express the outstanding governance The Yellow Company provided on the Future Drought Fund Regional Drought Resilience Planning project. Governance is a crucial element to the successful delivery of a project. Through the structure, processes and decision-making models established by The Yellow Company, the pilot round of this project has been given every opportunity to effectively accomplish defined milestones within the Project Management Plan. Through establishment of clearly defined roles and responsibilities within project coordination, planning and control, The Yellow Company has supported equitable and inclusive collaboration between the many stakeholders involved at varying levels of the project. The governance employed by The Yellow Company has fostered continual review and improvement of the project which has been critical to the success of the pilot round as well as providing a solid foundation for the next stage.
Vern Rudwick
Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Director - Drought Policy and Response
I was part of the engagement team for two regions within Round 1 of the Regional Drought Resilience Planning project. Trying to engage on drought when much of the region was flooding proved challenging!  As a result, The Yellow Company and team were able to support me as the engagement person on the ground and take elements of our engagement online. This allowed the project to continue on time, ensure that people were able to access the information and provide input to the early stages of the plan. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with The Yellow Company team. They managed to deliver a complex project under challenging time frames with a state-wide group of people, no small feat!
Julia Spicer, OAM
Engage and Create Consulting, Queensland Chief Entrepreneur
The Yellow Company have efficiently planned, monitored and supported the execution of key project milestones, while communicating and collaborating with stakeholders in a professional and friendly manner. The team has analysed complex work areas with many interrelated activities and their honesty in forecasting, managing and overcoming any potential risks or issues has strongly supported the continued positive trajectory of the Regional Drought Resilience Planning project. Our team thoroughly enjoy working with The Yellow Company and wish to thank them for continuing to provide value and deliver in all areas of management for this project.
Ben Lyons, Associate Professor
Rural Economies Centre of Excellence, Director
The Yellow Company was the project manager for the development of Regional Development Resilience Plans (RDRPs) across five regions. The project was of immense complexity and the stakeholder engagement was critical. The successful engagement of over 120 stakeholders in a very short period of time was attributable to the excellent project management and stakeholder engagement provided by The Yellow Company, especially given the timeframes, the multi-layered accountability processes from State and Federal Governments, the diversity of stakeholders and complexity of the different aspects of the project. Without hesitation, The Yellow Company has demonstrated excellent leadership in project management.
Hurriyet Babacan, Professor
Rural Economies Centre of Excellence, Research Director
The Yellow Company’s involvement minimises risk [for the project]. The Yellow Company has demonstrated their value in management of the project, maintaining structure and undertaking reporting. The project management was viewed as effective – bringing rigour, discipline and timeliness to the coordination and project reporting. The Yellow Company was thought to be excellent.
Independent auditor
Stakeholders of the Regional Drought Resilience Planning Project
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