Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements in Queensland

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

The Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) are joint Commonwealth and State government funding support for communities impacted by disasters. In Queensland, the DRFA is administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, who is the state’s lead agency responsible for disaster recovery and resilience policy.

2018 - 2024
Key Achievements
Supported Queensland's transition from the NDRRA to the DRFA, assisting with organisational, system and process change. Provided program management capacity and capability to successfully deliver a $2B DRFA program.

Projects for purpose

The Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements provide financial assistance to improve the social, financial and economic well-being of communities in immediate need after being severely affected by a disaster event.
Project Management Services
Integration, Scheduling, Cost, Resource, Communications, Risk, Stakeholder engagement, Monitoring, Reporting
Specialist Services
Change management, Governance, Mentoring and training
Initiating, Planning, Executing, Closing, Monitoring
Government Panels

Local | LB279 - Project Management

State | SOA T3 - Business Transformation and Change Management

Local | LB309 - Strategic, Organisational and Business Planning

State | SOA T3 - Governance and Assurance

Local | LB312 - Engineering and Environmental Consultancy

State | SOA T3 - Program Evaluation

State | SOA T3 - Agile Project/Program Management

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