North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough State Recovery Plan

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Led a team of planners and stood up the Inter-Agency Planning Group (IAPG), coordinating the delivery of a State Recovery Plan on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Key Achievements
Report published detailing the State's action plan to deliver a recovery program over two years in response to the $5.6 billion social and economic cost, resulting from the disaster.

Projects for purpose

The State Recovery Plan provides impacted communities with a long-term roadmap to recover, rebuild and reconnect - focusing on the health and wellbeing of residents, repairs to property and restoration of business and industry.
Project Management Services
Communications, Stakeholder engagement
Specialist Services
Recovery planning
Government Panels

Federal | BuyICT - Agile Delivery and Governance

State | SOA T3 - Business Transformation and Change Management

Local | LB279 - Project Management

Local | LB309 - Strategic, Organisational and Business Planning

State | SOA T3 - Agile Project/Program Management

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