Regional Drought Resilience Planning for Queensland (Round 2)

Rural Economies Centre of Excellence, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Following on from the foundational year of the Regional Drought Resilience Planning (RDRP) program in Queensland, The Yellow Company was engaged to support Round 2 in the development of community-led and owned drought resilience plans for the remaining nine regions in Queensland. RDRP is jointly funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Future Drought Fund (FDF) and the Queensland Government. 

2022 - 2024
Key Achievements
Supporting nine Queensland regions to become more resilient to the impacts of drought.

Projects for purpose

The RDRP project will support all regions throughout Queensland to become more resilient to future drought.
Project Management Services
Integration, Communications, Stakeholder engagement, Monitoring, Reporting
Specialist Services
Governance, Resilience planning, Graphic Design
Planning, Executing, Monitoring
Government Panels

Federal | BuyICT - Agile Delivery and Governance

Local | LB279 - Project Management

State | SOA T3 - Agile Project/Program Management

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