Principal Consultant

Bo Johnson

With over 20 years of experience, Bo understands that project success is very much a function of transparency, honest communication and focused commitment.


Business case development, evaluations, project management in general (governance, risk management, quality assurance), hiking and gardening.

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
  • Certificate in Contract Management
  • Certificate in Primavera P6
Favourite project

QCS Pastoral Care Project Management Framework involved reviewing past analyses of pastoral care operations in Queensland correctional facilities, developing preferred options for a new contract and delivery framework with financial impacts (i.e. Business Case) and proposing an implementation pathway. This project was intensely satisfying as it epitomised Yellow’s desire to work on ‘projects with purpose’ – with the QCS vision to improve pastoral care services to benefit Queensland’s prison population. Working within the challenging and sobering environment of the correctional centres, coupled with intensity and focus of analytical challenges and tight timeframes, I can proudly say we delivered a comprehensive report and implementation plan that was appreciated by QCS and set a solid pathway to reformed pastoral care services in the state; making a difference.

Government experience



Project Management Institute member

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